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Hello there, I'm a thirty something German guy living and working in Japan for the past few years. Always having had a passion for investing and constantly searching for a new hobby, this site is my first step into the blogging world. Every once in a while I will post a new stock analysis or company valuation on here and will add also a few entries about how to analyze stocks now and then.

While I do enjoy analyzing stocks in my free time or on weekends, I am an investor in the first place and a blogger (at the most) in the second place. So if there is less time in my life, priorities will be allocated accordingly and there might be fewer posts in certain periods.

I am taking a mostly fundamental approach in my analyses, going deeper here and there with some of my more recent investments in order to find a higher degree of conviction before making a decision. Trying to find value that is not obvious or has not yet been captured by the market is becoming more and more difficult with the rise of algorithmic trading and instant availability of most information. 

Being convinced that you really only start to get to know a stock, once you have invested in it, I usually try to start small on most positions before feeling comfortable enough to size in with a bigger amount. So whenever I post an analysis on here, be aware that I might already have started a small position (which I will disclose) in order to “get the ball rolling”. That being said, I am holding of course also shares of bigger blue chip companies that I am confident to hold for a longer time / forever.

For any analysis or valuation that you may find on here, please beware that I am doing all this for fun! If you do not agree, think my approach should be more detailed or something is fundamentally wrong, feel free to let me know, but I am neither claiming to the pioneer of stock analysis nor am I am “certified expert” for any of this. Almost all knowledge I am using and sharing here is self-taught and in no way am I claiming to hold the holy grail of analysis methods (although I really enjoy using my own).

This blog was started on May 4th 2020.